Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Seeing the Potential: Stairs Before and After

Sometimes, it's difficult to see the potential.

Really difficult.

Such was the case with the stairs in my daughter's apartment.  The stairs originally had horrible, disgusting carpet on them and one evening, we decided to pull off the carpeting and were met with a gazillion staples and the horrible, disgusting stairs under the carpet.

Go ahead--say it.  EWWWW!!!!!

Most people would cry at these stairs.  But my daughter is...well, my daughter.  She has my genes.

Poor girl.

How about another Before pic of these awful stairs?  Can you stand it?  More EWWWW!!!!

Horrible, aren't they?  Okay, one more.  The After will be worth it, I promise.  See the marks on the side where all the gazillion staples were?  It took forever to pull them out.  Forever and then some.

 I promised After pics, and here they are.
After the staples were pulled out and the floor and railing cleaned, the stairs were painted with Sherwin Williams (SW6076) Turkish Coffee, the trim and baseboard received a fresh coat of white Olympic One Paint and Primer in One Satin Finish, and the walls painted with Sherwin Williams (SW 6759) Cooled Blue.

Much better, don't you think?


  1. Those are beautiful colours you chose!

    Amanda Wall

  2. Thanks, Amanda. They're our favorite colors! Sometimes it pays to be a bit bold in color choices.